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Reigns of Monty Carlo: This Is A Hold Up

Hot on the heels of last year's debut LP Smorgasbored - we are overjoyed to announce the 2nd Reigns of Monty Carlo LP This Is A Hold Up
10 new songs from the mind of the uber-talented Paul Millsopp - including A Daily Grind, Walking In Circles and the no-holes-barred
title track. If you thought Paul's first LP was kaleidoscopically (is that even a word?) diverse, wait til you hear this one...
Reigns Of Monty Carlo - This Is A Hold Up can be downloaded here.

Joe Ladyboy: Four Songs EP

One-off EP comprising four David Bowie covers - Originally blogged as part of the 365 project last year (see below). Valentine 084:
Joe Ladyboy - Four Songs can be downloaded here.

Five Years Later Return!

Well, that was unexpected! As part of our ongoing 'residency' at Soundwaves Here We Come (see below) Five Years Later made a surprise
re-appearance, performing their first live set since our 10th birthday celebrations (in 2011) and first full gig since 2002! Video/audio highlights
can be found here. More to follow (apparently!)

Mark Corrin - EP2: Tower!

Hot on the heels of December's EP1 comes the second in an ongoing series of regular EPs from our very own Mark Corrin (AKA The Artist
Formerly Known As Shirokuma) - This EP takes a slightly more cinematic/psychedelic vibe then it's predecessor, with a suitably foreboding
cover photo by Ayça Yürük. EP 2: Tower can be downloaded here

Valentine Records DJ residency at Soundwaves Here We Come:

John and David are currently DJing at the excellent vinyl-only record shop Soundwaves Here We Come in the Stretford Mall on Saturday afternoons.
Its been a while since we dusted off the decks but we're having great fun re-discovering our 'roots' while drinking Damn Fine Coffee and browsing the racks
for lost gems: Come down and say hello! More info here

Mark Corrin Radio shows on Studio 109 Live and Salford City Radio FM 94.4:

Since retiring the Shirokuma alias late last year Mark has been stepping up his radio DJ activities with regular shows on both Salford City Radio FM 94.4FM and
Studio 109 Live. You can listen to most of his shows from the last 12 months here on Mixcloud

David's 365 Blog:

Throughout 2014 David (aka Joe Ladyboy/I Lucifer) undertook an impressive/ill advised 'mission' to post a unique piece of music online and write about it every day for a year.
Inbetween the previously released remixes/collaborations/band projects he also unveiled lots of new tracks (including an array of weird and wonderful cover versions).
You can read the complete blog here and/or listen to the tracks here

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